Frequently Asked Questions about Commercial Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions Is the damage incurred on a certain property due to a riot covered by any type of commercial insurance?
Riot is included in the "special perils" like explosion and sprinkler leakage and is included in the property owners insurance.
Is there any specific insurance policy for home offices?
There should be a specific home office insurance policy so that all business equipments are properly covered. Home insurance policy or small office insurance policy is inadequate.
What should a business owner look out for when buying online?
A person who intends to buy online should make sure to check the full terms and conditions so that he does not end up with a policy that is not suitable to his needs.
Is having a commercial insurance mandatory?
Yes, in the sense that no business can effectively operate and survive without one but not all types of cover are needed.
Can the amount of cover be adjusted?
Most insurance policies allow an increase or decrease in the amount of cover but it is better to get professional advice before doing so.
What is "all risks" insurance?
It gives wider cover inclusive of accidental damage or loss not specifically excluded.

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